We advise enterprises on risk management issues (in particular enterprises engaged in the fields of tax advice, auditing, legal advice, corporate consulting, financial services, etc.). In this context, legal risk management provides answers to the following problems (illustrated by the example of a tax firm):

  • What services can be provided? In what advice services would there be no insurance cover in a liability case? In what manner do the statutory provisions on prevention of money laundering have to be implemented when dealing with clients? How to achieve a reasonable balance between sales-oriented optimisation and risk limitation in drafting contracts?
  • In what way can standard contracts be prepared in the best possible way with regard to my clients? What risks do I incur in a specific case when I adapt the contract to the requests of my clients? How can this be assessed in a financially reasonable manner?
  • How can I ensure that an enterprise reacts in a quick, reliable and appropriate manner when a crisis occurs?
  • How to behave in the case of a house search? What measures must be implemented in advance?

We support you in information management, contract management and crisis management.